Quick Aim Universal Red Dot Sight Review

Today, we reviewed the Universal Quick Aim Red Dot Sight.

I ordered this with Carter’s sniper rifle, so it came in a long rifle box. It was sealed well, so I thought my order would be alright. I was horribly mistaken.
I opened up the big, brown box to find a slightly worn box of a Super 9, when I had actually ordered an MB03. I see my sight on the left. Its small, silver and red box, was smashed all to hell, and the sight was hanging out of the box. The sight was also turned on, and it takes one of those bigger watch batteries, so I don’t have a sight until I get a new battery.

Mounting this sight was, pardon my language, a huge pain in the ass. The sights are extremely small, like a picatinny, but the mount is specifically labeled as weaver. Even now, my optic sits tilted on my gun, lying almost sideways, with a dead battery. I was fed up at this point, but I still had to sight it in.

Well, we sighted it in…more or less. The “Up” knob was so fucking tight that it made me want to pour gas on it and watch it burn like a bat out of hell extremely tight, but I managed to take a screwdriver and loosen it. Sighting it in took a couple hours, but it was generally easy. It is somewhat accurate, and moderately durable.

So, what do I rate this sight? Hm.

Optic appearance: 3/5; the dot, when at night or in a room, gets moderately blurry, and its a bit hard to aim.

Durability: 3/5; despite the fact that the mount is all metal, the sight’s frame is ABS plastic. The internals are also slightly exposed due to an opening on the top rim of the sight, exposing it to elements such as dust, snow, dirt, water, etc.

Performance: 3/5; the sight works well under the right conditions, but can lack some of the better qualities of a good sight.

Overall: 3/5; this sight could definitely use some improvement, but that’s what you get for a $9 sight. I would only recommend this to people who are on a budget looking for a cheap sight. Even then, I don’t really recommend it. Just save up $30-60 and buy a good sight like the rest.


ZAN Headgear: Neoprene ACU Face Mask

After taking so many shots to the face, with no protection but glasses, I decided to get something to soften the blows. I finally decide to get this face mask, by ZAN Headgear.

The mask came in a tiny package that was no trouble getting open. After trying it out, I decided not to wear it to the majority of my games.
Whilst the mask is very good at deflecting BB’s and insulating body warmth, you can’t hear anything except for yourself breathing, as there are no openings to hear.
I’ve also noticed that, when wearing goggles, it tends to fog them up. I didn’t enjoy this.
If you we’re to get this, I would recommend it for colder areas, mainly northern. While the mask does have several minor flaws, it is an excellent insulator. That much is true.
Overall, this mask really has all the flaws any other full face mask would give you, except with added insulation. I would recommend this for colder areas only.

2 Years of Airsofter Info

December 1st, 2011. That date might not seem like a lot to you, but it certainly means a lot to us!
After a period of inactivity, Airsofter Info is making a return. It might be four months after our two year anniversary, but it is, nonetheless!

We will continue to release product reviews and gear reviews. Since our inactive period, we have stocked up on a wide load of equipment that we can review!

All the best,
Chance Crosson.

AEGs: The Pros and Cons to Metal and Plastic AEGs.

AEGS Can be a great help in the airsoft field, but have you ever considered what the problem could be when you find something wrong with your AEG? Well, this is about to be unveiled in the following post.

Firstly, I have decided to write this post because it has been searched a lot on the website and I dont want to leave the searchers uninformed!

Also, metal AEGs are usually made of a Zinc Alloy, which isn’t exactly a metal but feels a great deal like it in texture, weight, and durability.

Now, Metal AEGs are extremely durable, and usually can shoot at a far range with amazing FPS and pinpoint accuracy. Unfortunately, not all Metal AEGs are like this. I have bought a full metal Airsoft rifle and it broke down in just a couple minutes. Now, I’m not saying that means you shouldn’t buy a metal AEG; I’m just saying to be careful what you buy. And for your own sake, read the reviews before you buy and you’ll probably be wiser with the gun you purchase.

Plastic AEGs are something else, though.

You REALLY shouldn’t buy an all plastic AEG. The internals of the gun probably won’t be all plastic, but if your thinking of buying an all plastic AEG, I don’t exactly recommend it unless your very careful with it. Plastic AEGs aren’t all bad, though.

With metal guns, some pros are that they are often:
•Great FPS
•Great Range
•Great look
•Realistic feel

But, metal AEGs have their own cons.
•Usually VERY heavy.
•difficult to repair externals.
•usually have large clips, which, though a good thing, it can cost you a load of money in BBs.
•Usually more complex than a regular gun.
•much more internal maintenance is needed regularly to keep the gun in top shape.

Now, on to the plastic AEGs Pros.
•not as complex; good for entry level gunners.
• They can have as good FPS and range as metal.
•Easier to repair plastic than zinc alloy.
• Easier internal maintenance to keep in good shape.

But the AEGs made of plastic have just as many cons.
•Breaks easy.
•Don’t last as long on average.
•much more external care is needed.
•Exterior of gun is MUCH more sensitive to physical contact and, ergo, is more sensitive to damage.

That’s about it!
Honestly, I would rather use a metal AEG. I find it entertaining, myself, to maintain my weapons. And besides, I can carry a 5-10 pound weapon around for 7 continuous hours, so weight is not a problem for me.

Questions? Comments? Email them at Airsofterinfo@Gmail.com.

Getting Started: Airsoft For Beginners [Part Two]

Here’s a part two to my original Beginner’s Guide. The second part of this guide pertains to the Airsoft field. If you already know where your Airsoft field will be and how it will be set up, you do not have to read this.

•What is an Airsoft field?

I question myself upon why I put this in here, but it’s somewhere to start. The Airsoft field is the field in which Airsofters can legally play. They cannot go outside the boundary line of the field. Like the boundary lines in basketball, this is similar.

•Where should my Airsoft field be?

Your field should be out of the way of the public. The field is recommended to be in some type of rural area, or at least out of the way of public areas. You don’t want a cop interrupting your game! Personally, I don’t find this an issue, since I have a 15-acre Airsoft field. Ah, it’s good to have land.
Make sure that if you decide to play in your back yard that you are fenced in, or at least have consent from your neighboring yards; If you don’t have a fence, that is.

•How should my field be set up?

This is my absolute favorite part. It’s extremely fun, in my opinion, to design and decorate your playing field to make it look like a war zone.
Make cover zones. Any type of barrel, or piece of scrap debris will do. I made a barrier/assault defensive blockade by simply nailing some plywood to a tree. Of course, that should be no reason you shouldn’t pile up the sacks of dirt to make a blockade. When making a field, remember that you can do whatever! …unless it isn’t your land, of course.
Other types of pieces include foxholes, sniper houses (pays off in the long run), gates, broken down cars, etc.

•Should there be any type of houses in my field?
Yes! Other types of housings include a bunker for each team (I made one on each side of my property), so the teams have a place to calm down during , before, or after a game.
Sniper houses can be made, or you can simply buy a deer stand! Didn’t think of that, did you?
Tall grass isn’t exactly a house, but it can provide a place for your team to rally during a game, or spy on your enemies in a place they wouldn’t think of looking. Surprisingly enough, after doing a poll with my team, only 1/3 of my members thought of looking in the grass!

That is a basic guide to the Airsoft field. Feel free to leave a comment!

Getting Started: Airsoft for Beginners.

So, you want to join Airsoft, but you don’t know where to start. This beginners guide can help get you started!

What First?
Now, many beginners wonder where to start. Many people say that a beginners best first option is a spring powered gun. My recommendation for a beginner gun is the Stinger P311. It offers considerable accuracy, shoots at a good distance, and can practically teach you the first steps on how an Airsoft gun works.

What Will I Need?
Now, don’t even think about getting into Airsoft if you don’t want to invest in guns, ammo, etc. Airsoft, itself, can be extremely pricey.
When you start getting good at Airsoft, you will need a lot of money to upgrade. At least $100-150 as starting money. I recommend going to Hitguns to get a CYMA AK-47 or any other gun from there. Hitguns sells great guns for considerable prices.

How Do I Get Better?
I have a lot of experience in this. My Airsoft team, specifically my little stepbrother, constantly complains that he’s not good enough for Airsoft.
The point of this is that if you don’t believe that you’ll get better, then you NEVER will!
Many of my ways that I’m listing are off of one of my favorite Airsoft review websites, and you can access them here. Some of these ways are credit of SirBuffaloSushi.

Practice makes perfect. Any way you can, practice! Target practice, drills, maneuvering practice, and other ways you can get better.

Upgrade your weapons.
This isn’t exactly practice, but for skilled players and moderately good players, upgrading your gun is vital and will provide good benefits, overall making you a better player.

Participate in Airsoft Wars!
This is the best way to make you a better player. Playing in wars makes you all the better!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to put in a comment!


The CYMA AK-47 Model CM028


The CYMA AK-47 CM028 features a 350-400 FPS range, semi automatic and fully automatic features, and an adjustable hop up feature. The gun itself weighs about eight pounds and can eat bullets at an extreme pace.

This is one of my favorite guns personally. It is a classic model of the AK-47 and features massive power. When I received the gun, it was in a long, narrow box that was well shipped and cared for.

When I opened the box, (which was delivered from the Hitguns website) the parts were separated into many pieces: the gun itself, the magazine, the sight adjustment tool, the battery, and the charger. Easily putting it together, I accidentally shot my ceiling. the indention was half an inch deep, and I came to find out that the gun was running on minimum battery! After letting the gun charge for about five hours, I couldn’t help but take out the charger and put the battery back in. Testing it out, I had found that the gun had not changed in FPS much. I personally think that this is a great idea, so that the gun still has a fighting chance during a heated war.

When I was trying to unload the gun, I decided I’d make a stupid decision and cover the barrel and when i was unloading the clip, I accidentally shoved the gun forward, and noticed a bullet was still in the magazine. Something caught against the trigger, pulling it forward, and the gun popped me, point blank in the finger. A blot of blood covered the whole inside of the base of my index finger and it hurt like hell for awhile.

RATINGS: (Magazine, features, durability, FPS, and Overall)

Magazine (4/5): This magazine holds a massive containment of BB’s, but the con is that before you load the magazine, you need to put about twenty to thirty extra BB’s into the magazine and wind it up, because the magazine needs a certain amount of ammunition before the BB’s will shoot. The magazine cannot shoot because there is too much room for the BB to sling up into the inside of the gun.
In other words, it acts like any other magazine, leaving 3-4 BBs behind when the magazine is completely empty.

Features (4/5): This gun features a wood furniture, but it is only faux wood. Most of the gun, like the barrel, is made of real metal, which relieved me. The AK-47 also features adjustable sights, which was a nice feature, but had no slots for attachments.

Durability (5/5): Everything about the gun is great in terms of durability. The gun itself can handle a good amount of blows and still work as good as the day it came out of the box.

FPS (5/5): All I can say about this gun is that it is simply outstanding. For the price, this gun can pop away some BB’s and shoot through an aluminum can.

Overall (4.5/5): Overall, this is a great gun. I fell in love with this gun first shot, and I recommend this gun to anyone who would like a good moderate-ranged war. Featuring exceptional accuracy, massive FPS, and adjustable sights, there’s not many cons to this reasonably priced gun.